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Sri Lanka


Skype: dinu866


Hey There! I'm Dinu

Welcome! and Thank you so much for visiting my Website. If you are a hustling 9-5 working lady who is wiling to start your own business, then I'm here to help you at my level best. 

Let me explain a bit about me first.

I'm a Mindset and Business Coach for around six years. Initially studying online marketing was a hobby for me. 

I was passionate about learning how Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk like entrepreneurs achieve massive growth in their businesses.

When my friend asked me to support her travel blog on 2014, I said "ok" without thinking twice but with no intention to start a side hustle as a Business Coach.

With the success I had in my friends business, I quickly realize that I can make money by helping online businesses. This initial thought paved the way for me to start my online marketing coaching career before six years.

Gradually I learnt a lot about business and related subjects. Meantime, my 9-5 job which is an Assistant Sales Manager in one of the leading UK based Tourism companies in Sri Lanka, immensely supported me to develop my Sales Skills. Trust me, working for a monthly individual target is not easy at all.

Working under pressure or working 16-18 hrs per day is not a new adventure for me because this is how I built my business while I was working on 9-5 job for last six years.  


Today I'm an Online Business Coach who are capable of teaching several business related subjects to 9-5 working ladies such as Online Business Strategy, Branding, Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Not only that as beginner entrepreneur, its vital to focus on your Personal Growthl. In fact. there is no entrepreneurship without building a strong mindset, productive daily routine, self discipline and self care.


This is is the main reason for me to integrate personal growth to my coaching programs to support our ladies to have better career, business and personal life integration and later on become full time entrepreneurs.

The reason for me to be very keen to support 9-5 working women is, because I know the pain points of starting a business while working full time. I have already been there and going through it daily.

Besides all,  I'm obsessed with travelling and experiencing other cultures. The plus point of My online is that I can work from anywhere in the world. That is the flexibility I wanted to achieve in my life. 

If you are hustling with 9-5 now and want to start your own business, I have a lot to share to support your new adventure. Please check service page to get to know my services and packages.

If you have any questions, Write to me